Ethically produced pieces to make you look and feel good.

Caeli began as an idea when two friends dreamed of the perfect women's capsule of wardrobe essentials, which has to look and feel good every single time. And indeed, that was Aileen and Ellyse's dream when they started the brand: to create eco friendly, luxurious and yet easy, effortless and chic clothes which the modern woman could reach for time and time again.

With eco-consciousness in mind, Aileen and Ellyse design every single piece to reflect the changing world. From using deadstock to eco friendly fabric, the garments were made with manufacturing high standards to last many seasons.

Caeli’s design deserves a constant re-evaluation of materials and process while our workshop is also a laboratory for experimenting if sustainable agendas are to be addressed effectively.

Without the constant process of reappraisal that we have become, despite all of our good intentions, “like ants following an ant trail” in the search for the next sustainable solutions. This “ant trail” is a curious downside of the popularity of sustainable design where one just takes the ideas of another. Solutions need to be brought up and a proto type made by looking to take up a standard that is a cure-all is an impossible challenge for the textiles and fashion industries but together we can make a big enough dent to rethink and redefine industry waste management.

One of their biggest motivations for Caeli is to be apart of helping the Earth be a better place. Caeli knows that no matter how small our contribution is, we can make a difference. For us we make everyday our Earth day. We also encourage more people to start caring about their waste so the Mother Earth can really be a better place for us all. Feel the love in our high quality fashionable garments and also start a conversation with us about how we can be your everyday fashionable choice.

Sustainable clothing production means that the clothes are produced in a way that affects the the surrounding community and the environment as little as possible. At Suryamandiri, we adopt ethical, sustainable practice throughout product development.

Are you tired of the fast fashion industry?

We are too! That's why we're taking a stand against it and creating change with our ethical clothing. Our clothes are made by workers who receive fair wages, work in safe conditions, and have access to healthcare benefits.

Sustainable fashion must include ensuring garment workers are paid living wage and have safe working conditions.

Sustainability means ethical, transparent production and lightening our environmental impact, while constantly re-evaluating how we do that. We consciously seek out sustainable and responsible ways of creating our products.

Sustainability is about mindful design and business decisions that are kind to the planet and its people. Its also about collaboration across industries - we must collectively find ways to build a thriving and inventive circular economy.

Sustainability means slowing down consumption and making thoughtful and considered decisions when buying, caring about the story behind each product and knowing who made it. For us at Caeli, educating people on the impact of their purchases is key.

SM is a clothing manufacturer that believes in fair labor and sustainable business practices. SM mission is to provide high-quality ethical labor for clothing brands and fashion designers that want to revolutionize the fashion supply chain both domestically and beyond. The fashion industry has always been at the forefront of innovation and change, so it's only apt that the clothing manufacturing industry follows suit.

SM works with local domestic material suppliers to develop apparel with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

• Ethical labor and fair wages on every link of our supply chain.
• Sustainable-made materials.
• Recycled and up-cycled sourcing programs.

"I made your clothes" - Have you ever thought about the people who actually make Caeli?

We joined a global movement for a much greater transparency to show the team behind Caeli.

The pandemic has definitely changed our perspective on our craft. We've realised the importance it is to design a collections that reduce waste by designing less and ensuring each sample and each stitch and each cut of cloth counts. Our planet and nature need nurturing and so do our creative souls and it is a balance to not cover the cost of one and not another.

While the fabric is our immediate environment factor, the humankind from the stage to conception to execution, sustainability is an idea all designers must embrace. Even small individual contributions make a difference and we are doing it by reducing waste, using recycled materials, producing sensibly and making each item worthy to be called Caeli Eco Luxe.
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